Field Museum
Last week we visited a fascinating location in Chicago. I and my classmates had such an amazing and useful trip to Field Museum. If I had to recommend one of places that I have visited for somebody else, I would tell them to Field Museum in Chicago. It is probably one of the most popular tourism spots in America. There were so many things to learn about on that trip, it was great experiences, natural history and connection to different culture. I think this would be great opportunity for a visitor to have.
First of all, the day began with a little bit different from the trip we took to shed Aquarium before, we downloaded a mobile phone game which is Goose Chase. Professor divided us into three teams and the game is basically about that we need to finish twenty missions. It was a little bit confused at first but then it was getting more excited because everyone also wanted to be a winner. Every mission required player have to take photo with strangers or visitors and we definitely took twenty photos with difference strangers. The place was huge, even though we had a map on hand, we still got lost so may times. It was so hard to find the place but then when we got there, we were also really surprised. When we were looking for a mask, one of places that I was really interested in, I saw a fake mantis which is made by human. I have never known that mantis are an intelligent insect. It is kept in a big cage with the name is praying mantis and people believe that it is powerful and highly race insect. Their front legs look like they are preying. Next to the mantis was display house which is special house in a cemetery stood memorials to the dead. I wondered that how could they make those stuff by themselves which is really creative and colorful.

It was so important to learn and observe in museum. This is unusual place where you can expand your horizon about Natural History. Also, I eventually can see some fake model of dinosaur or Sue. It was a huge and tall model. They recreate a ton of collection with difference types of dinosaur. Besides, they show some evidences that prove dinosaur used to exist. It was really impressive. Back to the game, my team was the second one finished twenty missions. It was fun and great, every body almost visited all of places in museum. 
At the end of the trip, we did not worry about who was a winner anymore just because what we learn and saw it was really worth it more than award of the game. We can experience true cultural and believe that America is a place of freedom and equality.

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