Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Shedd Aquarium

     The first field trip in college was really amazing day that I have ever had in my life. Professor took us to the most famous museum in Chicago which is Shedd Aquarium with 8,000 aquatic animals. Shedd Aquarium is one of beautiful place for everyone who the first time come to windy city always want to visit it. I and another eightteen students went to there in really sunny weather, when we got there, there was a long line of waiting people. Eventhough we had to wait for a while but we did not even notice because we were really excited. When we almost closed to the door to get inside, there was a woman with a small pot jellyfish on her hand, she told us that they are still alive and talked little bit more about how they breath, that was really interesting and it made me feel more curious about what is going on inside. I have not been there before but I bet this was going to be a really good experience for me today.
        First, turtle is one of the smartest animal as I think, the way they hide their head and body inside their hard shells when they are attacked is really interesting. I saw a big turtle which was moving really smooth and slowly because it seemed like an old turtle. I have not seen this type of turtle before even in my country, we just have like a small one. Next to that tank, there were five or six small turtles, they swam really fast and active. People here create really good enviroment for them to live even it just a small tank but it is good enough for those turtle and another animals. Specially, they put ton of colorful lights to decorate and make them more beautiful, full of life and energy.
       There were so many type of fishes that I have never seen before, but when I stopped by the big pool which have ton of fishes in, there were two beautiful stingrays. They have a long tail and swim by their body like a wave. They kind of stick on glass tank, sometimes they hide their body under sand. They have a small eyes on top of their body and they seem really active. People around tried to catch them to take a picture but also failed because those fishes were always moving.

    The Amazon forest is a big home to a thousand of animals in the world. When I moved on to the next place which is an animal Amazon room, there were four kids standing next to me and trying to find something in the small tank with a small piece of tree inside but they could not find out. When they left, I were trying to see what was of the animal and then I saw a frog laying on plants. It was tree frogs. The reason why it was so hard to see them because they has the same color with the trees and they were laying inside. Some people said that they laid their eggs on plants growing above floodwaters. That was the first time I heard about that.
   Honestly, I learned a lot of experiences from the trip, I can see the world which is so many different kind of animals and see how they live, what they eat and how people take care of them. I realized that they are really friendly with human,they are not scary at all specially with kids. In sum, I definitely never forget that day and would come back again because I felt like it was not enough for me to understand all of animals, I want to know more about them and probably take some of my close friends with me next time.That was amazing experience that I have ever had in my life.